Wellness & Vaccinations

At Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel, we want to be there for your pet – not just when he or she is sick, but to support and promote good health throughout the course of his or her life. We’ve designed our comprehensive wellness care services to help keep our patients happy and healthy through preventative medicine such as annual physical examinations, customized vaccination plans, parasite control and prevention, nutritional counseling, weight management and much more. A commitment to routine wellness care is the greatest gift you can give your animal companion.

The wellness care provided at Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel was specifically developed to assist our patients through every life stage, and address all of their changing health care needs along the way. This means making sure your new kitten or puppy receives all of the necessary vaccinations to stay healthy and strong, the ongoing health of your adolescent and adult dog or cat is closely monitored, and the special care needs of your senior pet are supported. We want to be with you every step of the way to help keep your pet as healthy as possible.

One of the most important components of wellness care is the fact that these visits allow our doctors to identify any potential medical concerns as soon as they occur and address them right away, before they can develop into something that is much more serious and costly. Prevention and early detection of disease can greatly improve the quality and length of your pet’s life, and is a much better way to manage the financial aspect of veterinary care. Rather than incurring the expense of dealing with an illness that’s already progressed, you can vastly cut costs by taking the appropriate measures to prevent that illness from occurring in the first place.

The comprehensive preventative care recommendations for patients of Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel include:

12 Body System Examination – Because pets age seven times faster than humans, a full exam of your pet’s body and internal systems is recommended every six months.

Customized Vaccination Plan – Vaccinations can protect your pet from serious and sometimes life threatening diseases, but not every vaccine is right for every pet. We’ll evaluate your pet’s specific risk factors based on his or her health and lifestyle, and use this information to develop the ideal vaccination plan for your companion.

Preventative Blood Work – Every animal is different, and some pets handle pain and discomfort better than others, which means that your pet could be hiding the signs of a disease or serious illness. Routine and preventative blood work can help us detect the signs that a problem may exist so that we can address it in a timely manner, greatly improving the outcome.

Preventative Dental Care – Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and clean is an important part of his or her overall wellness. Some foods and pet products can help reduce tartar and plaque buildup, but the only way to truly prevent dental disease is through preventative dental care, both professionally and at home.

Parasite Prevention – Companion animals are at risk of becoming targets for a wide variety of parasites, from internal pests like heartworms to external nuisances like fleas and ticks. Some parasites can even be passed on from animals to their human companions, placing others in your home at risk as well. Let us develop a personalized parasite prevention plan that will keep your pets and your family safe.

Nutrition – What you feed your pet can have a tremendous impact on his or her overall wellness. Proper nutrition is necessary for growth, to provide energy for play and exercise, and to maintain good health. What’s more, many of the medical conditions that can affect our pets can be managed through a proper diet and exercise. As part of your pet’s routine wellness visit, we’ll provide specific recommendations for a diet that will help them achieve and maintain optimum health.

Grooming and Bathing – Regular bathing and grooming will help keep your pet as healthy on the outside as he or she is on the inside. Grooming promotes healthy skin, a clean coat and reduces many of the unpleasantries of owning a pet, such as odor and shedding. It also helps our doctors and care team to identify any potential problems with your pet’s skin as well as the existence of external parasites so they can be addressed right away.

Most importantly, wellness visits provide our staff with the opportunity to get to know you and your pet better and to ensure that you remain abreast of your pet’s health care at all times. We strive to include our clients in every decision concerning the wellbeing of their animal family members and invite you to ask any questions that may be weighing on your mind so that we can continue to provide the most personalized care available. Together we’ll form a health care team that will work hard to help your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy life by your side.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Care

For those clients who recently welcomed a new furry family member, we offer comprehensive “Puppy Packs” and “Kitten Kits”. These packages have been specifically designed to address each pet’s individual needs and to develop an ongoing wellness plan that will give new puppies and kittens the best chance at a long and healthy life. Our affordable puppy and kitten wellness care packages include the following:

  • Our 12 Body System Physical Exam
  • Customized Vaccination Plan
  • Fecal Examination
  • De-Worming Medication

A complementary dose of parasite prevention is also included in your pet’s first visit.

At Noah’s Animal Clinic, we understand that you want what’s best for your pet and we share that same goal. Let us provide your animal companion with all of the wellness and preventative care he or she needs to enjoy a lifetime of good health!

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