At Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel, we recognize that bringing your pet in for surgery, regardless of how simple and routine the procedure may be, can be a stressful time for you both. That’s why our surgical team works so hard to make each and every procedure performed within our hospital as comfortable and stress-free an experience as possible. We want to set your mind at ease and help you to feel confident that your pet will be in compassionate, capable hands with us!

Our highly skilled, experienced veterinarians are able to perform a wide variety of animal surgeries, from routine spays and neuters to more complex procedures, using the most up to date techniques and modern equipment. We never want to place our patients at risk, and we take every precaution necessary to ensure their safety and comfort at all times while in our care. To that end, all surgical patients are thoroughly examined and tested prior to surgery to ensure that they are healthy enough to proceed.

Once your pet is cleared for surgery, we’ll do everything within our power to make sure he or she is as calm and comfortable throughout the process as possible – from the moment you drop them off until you return to pick them up. We’ll develop a customized pain management plan that is tailored to your pet’s unique needs, and administer all medications with precision and care. We want to ensure that each patient we serve receives the best possible surgical care in a way that places their safety, comfort and wellbeing as the highest priority.

During surgery, patients are kept comfortable on our heated surgical tables. Our doctors adhere to the strictest protocols of safety and care and employ the most up to date techniques to achieve optimum results for our patients. What’s more, our highly skilled veterinary technicians are always on hand to assist with surgery as needed, and to monitor your pet’s vital signs, including heart rate, EKG, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation.

When surgery is complete, your pet will be moved to our recovery area, where he or she will be made as comfortable as possible in an individual bed. Once your pet is situated, we will reach out to advise you on how everything went and arrange a time for you to come retrieve your pet. When you arrive, we will discuss our aftercare instructions, including an appropriate pain management plan, to ensure as pain-free a recovery as possible for your pet.

Whether your companion is coming in for an elective procedure, such as a spay or neuter, or requires more immediate and/or medically necessary surgical care, our doctors and staff will be with you and your companion every step of the way to ensure a stress-free and successful experience. Let us assist with all of your pet’s surgical care needs.

Ear Cropping Surgery

Some canine breeds, such as Doberman Pinschers and Schnauzers, require a procedure that’s known as ear cropping in order to fit the breed standard. Noah’s Animal Hospital at Carmel can surgically alter your pet’s ears through a simple, safe and comfortable procedure. Patients receive a safe and effective dose of anesthesia to help manage their pain, and then the ears are carefully sutured and bandaged according to the breed requirements. Doctor Joni Kirch is specially trained and highly experienced in performing these ear trim procedures and is available to assist with all of your dog’s ear cropping needs.

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