Many otherwise caring and responsible pet owners fail to realize the importance of caring for their pet’s teeth. Contrary to popular belief, bad breath isn’t something that all companion animals have or must suffer from. In fact, foul breath can actually be a sign that your pet is suffering from dental problems, including plaque and tartar buildup and possibly even periodontal disease. You can help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean by investing in quality pet dentistry.

Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel has all of the dental care services your animal companion needs to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health, from preventative care to the treatment of existing oral problems. We regularly perform routine dental prophylaxis using high speed and ultrasonic instruments which allow us to clean and polish your pet’s teeth to a healthy shine. If necessary, we have the ability to conduct dental x-rays, which can help us further evaluate your pet’s dental health.

In addition to preventative dental care, our highly skilled staff is also able to perform a number of advanced procedures, such as the extraction of loose or broken teeth, and the treatment of a variety of existing diseases, such as gingival hyperplasia. Even if your pet has never received routine dental care, it’s never too late! We can help get any existing problems under control and get your pet on the road to a lifetime of good oral health.

Some signs that your dog or cat may be struggling with dental disease include:

  • Bad breath
  • Discolored, broken or loose teeth
  • Red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Difficulty chewing food and/or reluctance to play with chew toys

If you notice your pet exhibiting any of these signs, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a dental exam.

It’s important to note that animals undergoing any type of dental procedure must be anesthetized. As part of our commitment to providing optimal pet care, all dentistry procedures include pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheter placement with fluids, and cardiopulmonary monitoring during the procedure to ensure patient safety and comfort at all times. We also use local anesthetic blocks to perform extractions, and can prescribe an oral pain medication to help alleviate any discomfort your pet may experience when they return home following a dental procedure.

In addition to our professional pet dentistry services, we also place a strong emphasis on home dental care. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to work with you, providing product advice and offering demonstrations of techniques that you can use at home to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy in between vet visits. Let us work with you to help your companion enjoy a happy, healthy smile for life!

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