Behavioral Counseling

Does your pet exhibit certain traits or behaviors that are standing in the way of you developing a strong, lifelong bond together? We all love our pets, but when they act out, it can make it difficult to achieve the balance needed to cohabitate together peacefully. The highly skilled team at Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel has been in your shoes, and more importantly – we know how to help! Our behavioral counseling services will help get to the bottom of what’s causing your pet’s bad behavior, provide you with the tools you need to overcome that behavior once and for all and restore peace in your home once again.

Whether you are dealing with destructive behavior, house training issues, anxiety or phobias, biting, aggression or something else that is making it difficult to forge that all-important human-animal bond with your pet, you’re not alone! We can support you in all of your pet behavior needs, from advice and tips to individual behavioral counseling sessions. Let us guide you in the right direction and help bring out the well-behaved member of the family we know your pet is capable of becoming.

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