5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe Through the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner! It’s always great to celebrate this special time with friends and family. As you start preparing, remember to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind. This can be a dangerous time of year for our furry friends! Here, a Carmel, IN vet lists some ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays.

Avoid Dangerous Foods

Food is a big part of many holiday traditions. There’s nothing wrong with giving your four-legged friend a special snack, but you’ll need to be careful with what you offer. Many popular foods are not safe for dogs and cats! Never give your pet anything that contains chocolate; nuts; garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; alcohol; grapes, currants, or raisins; or xylitol. Pitted fruits, especially avocado, are also unsafe, as are meat on the bone and raw meat, dough, and yeast. You can give your furry buddy yummy store-bought treats, or some cooked, plain meat, without the bones, fat, or skin.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming frequently is always a good idea when you have pets, but it’s particularly important around the holidays. Not only will this help you keep your home looking and smelling nice for guests, it will also help you get ribbons, pieces of tinsel, and tree needles off the carpet.

Use Pet-Safe Decorations

Decorations can be quite dangerous for frisky pets! Ribbons, tinsel, garlands, and lights can all entangle or choke dogs and cats. Lights are also an issue: your pet could choke or get tangled up in them, or could even bite into a live wire. Tree water is another concern, as it may contain toxic residues.

Keep Heating Elements Secure

Candles, fireplaces, and heaters are very hazardous! You definitely don’t want Fluffy knocking over a lit candle! Secure candles, heaters, fireplaces, and potpourri burners, so your furry pal can’t reach them.

Pet-Proof Your Trash

Our furry friends are quite opportunistic, and have been known to fish through the trash in search of snacks. However, holiday trash can contain dangerous items, such as tin foil, bones, toothpicks, plastic wrap, and can lids, as well as ribbons, tape, and other unsafe items. Use a can with a secure lid.

All of us here at Noah’s Animal Hospital want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us, your local Carmel, IN pet hospital, anytime!

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