6 Ways to Soothe a Nervous Dog

Is your dog often timid or anxious? Just like people, our canine pals all have their own personalities. Some pooches are calm and friendly, while others can be very nervous. Read on as a Carmel, IN vet discusses soothing your furry friend.


Playing gives Fido a healthy outlet for his angst, and lets him blow off some steam in an appropriate way. Take time to throw a toy or ball for your canine companion to fetch, or hold a laser pointer so he can chase after that pesky red dot. You can even pamper your pup by getting him an automated ball launcher! (Note: because many of these products use tennis balls, which can be choking hazards for large breeds, they are not recommended for big dogs.)


Crates can be a wonderful tool, as long as they are used properly. Ideally, Fido should think of his crate as his own little den, and should feel safe, comfy, and content inside it. If your furry pal isn’t crate trained, ask your vet for tips on crate training and usage.


Did you know that training can help shy dogs build confidence? Figuring out a new command can really help your pup feel better about himself, just like scoring a goal can help a child build self-esteem. Take your pet back to school! If Fido already has basic doggy obedience commands down, move on to advanced training, or show him some cute tricks.

Doggy Calming Products

There are many different pet-calming products available online and in stores. Many of these treats, sprays, and collars incorporate scents that help Man’s Best Friend feel calm and happy. Ask your vet for specific advice.


You likely know that exercise is good for Fido physically, but did you know that it’s also great for his mind? A long walk and/or a vigorous play session will help your canine buddy burn off his excess energy. You’ll likely find that your pooch is much calmer after his daily doggy workout.


Sometimes just simply patting Fido on the head or scratching his ears can help him relax and feel better. Pay plenty of attention to your pup, so he feels loved, safe, and perhaps even a bit spoiled.

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