Fido’s Doghouse

Does your dog have a house of his own? If so, that’s great! Our canine buddies are both healthier and happier indoors, but they still love their doghouses. Of course, if your pooch doesn’t have a doghouse, this is a great time to get one. A Carmel, IN vet discusses doghouses below.

Choosing a Doghouse

You can find some really cute options to choose from, such as little doggy campers, log cabins, and classic doghouses. When you go shopping, there are some things to keep in mind. Material is very important. Avoid buying doghouses that are made of pressure-treated wood, which is toxic to dogs. Pick something that offers great insulation, so your furry friend can stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Wood is a great option. Plastic may be the cheapest choice, but it doesn’t offer very effective insulation. Finally, be sure to get the right size: Fido won’t enjoy his house as much if it’s too big or too small.

Location Location Location

If possible, get a doghouse that is easy to move. That way, you can put Fido’s doggy home in a warm spot for winter, and in a cooler area during summer. Set the doghouse up so that the door faces away from prevailing winds, at least in winter. (Your pooch may not mind a cool breeze in summer.)


If you haven’t done much with Fido’s doghouse lately, give it a good cleaning. You’ll also want to wash any mats, bedding, or carpets. While you’re at it, give your canine companion’s pad a thorough inspection. Look for chewed or worn areas, and/or any nails, screws, or splinters that are sticking out. These things can be dangerous, so address anything that needs attention right away.

Pest Control

Did you know that debris, such as dead leaves and branches, can make inviting habitats for fleas, ticks, mice, and other unwanted guests? Pick up any debris near Fido’s doghouse, and keep the grass neatly trimmed. If you need to treat the area, be sure to use nontoxic methods.

Puppy Playground

Why not dress up your canine pal’s house a bit? Add a splashing pool or sandbox for Fido to play in. You can also build ramps and tunnels for your furry pal.

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