5 Things Cats Hate

Do you have a cat? If so, you’ve probably noticed that your pet has some pretty specific likes and dislikes. Fluffy may have favorite toys and napping spots, for instance. Just like people, cats also have some pet peeves. Read on as a Carmel, IN vet lists some things cats—at least most cats—hate.


This one will probably come as no surprise. Most of our feline friends absolutely hate getting wet. To be fair, kitties may have some good reasons to fear water. For one thing, rivers and lakes can be very dangerous places to kitties in the wild. Since cat fur gives off a distinctive smell when wet, the increased risk of being noticed by predators could also be a factor. We also can’t discount the fact that Fluffy just knows she doesn’t look her best when she is sopping wet!

Car Rides

Going for car rides is also near the top of the list of things cats hate. Being in a moving vehicle can be very scary for a little furball! (Sorry, Fluffy: coming to see us is in your own best interests, even if you’d rather be napping.)

Loud Noises

Have you ever accidentally dropped a pan while your cat was in the kitchen? Chances are, your kitty made a beeline for the other end of the house, and may have even hidden under the bed. Most of our feline friends like things nice and calm. This makes sense, given Fluffy’s fondness for napping and relaxing.

Strange Cats

Fluffy can be super cuddly, but she isn’t always very affectionate with other felines. In fact, our furry pals can be both jealous and territorial. The mere sight of a strange kitty crossing the yard can turn some cats into little bundles of rage!

Attention That Is Not Up To Cat Code

Cats have some very specific rules for cuddling. First of all, it’s always up to Fluffy to decide when to cuddle. Your furball reserves the right to refuse snuggles. She can also end cuddle sessions at any time, and for no particular reason. Never force affection on a cat that isn’t feeling particularly cuddly. The reverse is true as well: cats hate it when their requests for attention are ignored!

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