Fun Facts About Cats

Do you have a kitty? If so, there’s a pretty good chance that Fluffy keeps you smiling with her cute antics and hilarious quirks. In fact, kitties are chock full of adorable characteristics! Read on as a Carmel, IN vet lists some fun facts about cats.

Paws For Thought

Did you know that kitties can be either left-pawed or right-pawed? Just as humans have a dominant hand, cats also tend to use one paw more than the other. As it turns out, female kitties tend to be right-pawed, while boy cats are usually lefties. Who knew?


Does your furball meow at you when she wants to be fed or petted, or sometimes to reply to you when you talk to her? Fluffy’s adorable vocalizations can be very charming. However, as it turns out, our feline friends may have purrfected their meows just so they could give their human buddies orders. Cats rarely communicate with each other vocally: they usually use body language or facial expressions in kitty-to-kitty conversations.

Sleepy Furballs

Kitties certainly do love their beauty rest. Our sleepy feline pals can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. Fluffy may adjust her sleep schedule to match yours. For instance, if you work nights, your furry buddy may nap here and there while you’re gone, but she’ll likely still snuggle up with you when you go to bed. Another cute thing about Fluffy’s sleeping predilection? Cats tend to sleep even more in dreary weather than they usually do.

Cool Kitty

Fluffy’s pretty coat is one of her most adorable traits. However, your pet’s fur can make it easy for her to overheat, especially in hot weather. Cats can only sweat through their paw pads, and panting isn’t an effective way for them to cool off. Do kitties sleep so much because they know overexertion is dangerous for them? If so, they definitely tend to err on the side of caution!

Color Coordinated

If your furball has a patterned or multi-colored coat, the color of her skin will correspond to her fur patterns. For instance, your pet’s skin may be pink underneath her white fur, and brown beneath darker patches. Fluffy’s paw pad colors will also match the color of her coat.

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