If Dogs Had Thumbs

Did you know that March 3 is If Pets Had Thumbs Day? It’s also Dress In Blue Day and Employee Appreciation Day, but we’ll focus on our canine companions for now. Fido’s cute paws are one of his most charming features, but they don’t make it easy for him to grip things. What do you think your pup would do if he had thumbs? Read on as a Hamilton County, IN vet lists some things Man’s Best Friend may use thumbs for.


You may have seen those hilarious spoof memes of dogs texting their human buddies. Fido would love to learn how to text you! However, you’d probably be getting minute-by-minute updates on what your neighbor’s cat and the squirrel in your yard are doing.

Ordering Pizza

If there’s one thing we know about our four-legged buddies, it’s that they absolutely love food. Given the chance, your canine friend would probably waste no time ordering himself a stack of meat lovers’ pies.

Scratching Itchies

Fido is a loyal and loving companion. He doesn’t ask for much for that friendship: just food, a comfy bed, and the occasional back scratch. While your pooch would no doubt still enjoy his belly rubs and ear scritches, he’d likely be thrilled to have an easier way to reach those itchy spots. Your furry pal would waste no time learning how to use a back scratcher!

Opening Food

If your pup had thumbs, you’d likely have to hide your food: Fido would happily open every container of food in the house! You’d probably come home to find all of your food packages open and emptied, while your canine buddy slept off his food coma on the couch.

Unlatching Gates

Dogs have a very healthy sense of adventure, and they love to explore new places. Fido would probably love to be able to unlock doors and gates at will. This could be quite dangerous, so you’d have to use a lock and key to keep your pet safe and sound at home.


If Fido had thumbs, he could grip things, and even throw them. Your four-legged buddy could play catch with himself! He could throw the ball, run after it, then pick it up and throw it back the other way.

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