Keeping Your Pet Safe On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! This romantic day offers us all a wonderful chance to show our appreciation for our loved ones. Our furry pals are also important parts of our lives, and are also quite deserving of a yummy treat on this special day. Unfortunately, many Valentine’s Day trappings are dangerous for pets. Read on as a Hamilton County, IN vet offers tips on keeping your furbaby safe on Valentine’s Day.

Foods and Sweets

Candies and chocolates are a big part of many Valentine’s Day traditions. These sweet treats can really brighten up a person’s day, but they can be very dangerous for our four-legged pals. Chocolate and nuts are both toxic to our furry buddies. Many candies and baked goods contain xylitol, which is also poisonous to pets. (Note: Fido is a bit more at risk here than Fluffy: dogs will eat just about anything, while kitties tend to be somewhat more finicky.) Offer your animal companion a heart-shaped treat or some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken without the bones, skin, or fat.


Bouquets are a wonderful gift, and a lovely way to brighten up someone’s day. Just be sure to keep those pretty flowers out of your four-legged buddy’s reach. Many flowers, including lilies, are toxic to animals. Roses are also dangerous, though it’s the thorns, not toxicity, that are the issue here.


A bottle of good wine is a perfect finishing touch for a romantic candlelit dinner. Alcohol is not safe for pets, however, and could make your furry friend quite sick! Offer your little buddy some sodium-free broth instead.

Fire and Candles

Pets and flames are not a good mix! Burn candles only in high, secure places, well out of paws’ reach, and use protective grates on fireplaces.

Stuffed Animals

If you have a dog, and you get a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day, well, you’re going to be faced with a dilemma. Chances are, Fido will immediately notice what he thinks is a new doggy toy, and will probably want to play with it. Stuffed animals can be dangerous for pets: ribbons, stuffing, and small parts, like buttons, can all be choking hazards to playful pups. Get your pooch a toy of his own.

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