New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

Happy New Year! As we leave 2016 in the rear view mirror and move on into 2017, many people are making resolutions and setting new personal goals for themselves. If your cat could make a list of her priorities, what do you think would be on it? A local Hamilton County, IN vet offers a few suggestions below.

Gain Complete Command Over Humans

Kitties may be small, but these charismatic furballs are the unofficial, furry, four-legged rulers of many households. Fluffy may strive to get you completely trained to feed or pet her on command!

Get More Rest

Cats clearly understand the importance of getting enough rest. Fluffy may spend the majority of her time sleeping, snoozing, and dozing. Your drowsy pet may vow to get even more rest in the coming year. This could be a tough goal!

Perfect The Pounce

It’s hard not to smile when you see a frisky cat pouncing on a little toy or chasing a paper ball across the floor. Your playful furball may want to perfect that adorable jump/run/pounce/meow combination this year.

Be Helpful

Our thoughtful feline pals often try to offer a helping paw around the house. Fluffy may assist with changing the sheets, or with packing or unpacking boxes and suitcases. She may also help with housework by smacking things off your table, or leaving fur all over the place to prompt extra cleaning sessions. Your considerate pet may decide to offer even more ‘assistance’ in 2017.

Show Gratitude. At Least Once.

Kitties can be very cuddly, but they can also be rather bossy and, well, a bit nosy. Fluffy has been known to fix her humans with a judgmental stare, or to meow for dinner, only to turn her nose up at the meal you offer. Your feline overlord may vow to complain less and purr more.

Work Out More

As we all know, kittens are adorable little balls of zoom, but Fluffy tends to calm down—way down—as she ages. Actually, many cats are downright lazy: aside from the occasional sudden sprint down the hall, older kitties spend the majority of their time sleeping. Your furball may opt to get a little more activity in this year.

All of us here at your local Hamilton County, IN animal clinic want to wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year. Please contact us anytime!

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