Autumn Care Tips for Frisky Cats

Is your kitty a furry, four-legged bundle of mischief? Is Fluffy still a kitten, or perhaps in her Terrible Twos? Cats tend to get rather lazy as they age, but young furballs are often super playful. Unfortunately, Fluffy’s mischievous streak can lead her right into trouble! Autumn poses some specific dangers for cats, so if you have a playful feline, read on for some great autumn cat care tips from a local Carmel, IN vet.


As the weather cools, many people apply lawn and garden chemicals to their yards. These are very toxic to kitties, which means that Fluffy will immediately head for recently-treated areas. Antifreeze is another issue: it’s very toxic to cats, but has a taste many furballs love. You’ll also want to use sand or kitty litter to cover antifreeze spots. We recommend keeping Fluffy indoors. This will also keep her safe from cars, predators, and parasites. Other dangers cats face in autumn include weather, wild animals, and poisonous plants and mushrooms.


Candles can make your home look wonderfully warm and inviting on chilly autumn days. Many people also look forward to lighting their fireplaces on that first cold night. However, pets and flames are a very, very dangerous combination. Kitties can stick their tails into candles, or singe themselves by sleeping too close to the fire. Use protective grates on fireplaces, and keep candles in high, secure spots where Fluffy can’t reach them.


Many people like to make their homes look inviting and festive with pretty autumnal decorations. Things with small parts, dangling threads, or sharp edges can be very dangerous to cats, which greatly increases the chances of your kitty wanting to play with them. Choose decorations carefully, and hang them well out of Fluffy’s reach.


As we all know, candy is a big part of the autumn holiday. Many popular sweets contain ingredients that are toxic to kitties. Xylitol, chocolate, nuts, and grapes, currants, and raisins are a few examples. The wrappers are also dangerous, because many cats like to play with and chew on them. While some kitties will turn up their cute little noses at candies, there are some kitties out there with a sweet tooth. Keep that candy dish away from Fluffy!

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