Tips for Choosing a Doggy Bed

Is your canine buddy ready for a new bed? Choosing a doggy bed may seem like a very simple process, but there are actually many different options to pick from. Read on as a local Carmel, IN vet offers some helpful advice on picking a bed for Fido.

Big Dogs

Is your four-legged pal larger than life? If so, your pooch may squash regular beds faster than you can replace them. Fido may appreciate the support of an orthopedic doggy mattress. Elevated pet beds are another good choice for large dogs. These are also great options for secondary/outdoor beds!

Senior Pets

As Fido grows older, he may develop aches and pains, and could get stiff and sore, particularly in damp or cold weather. Your pet may appreciate an orthopedic bed. You can also repurpose a child’s mattress into a doggy bed for your furry best friend.

Pooches With Thin Fur

Does Fido have a thin coat? If so, your pup may appreciate a heated bed. This will keep him warm and cozy on those cold winter nights.

Small Pups

Smaller dogs often feel safer in enclosed places. If you have a little pooch, consider getting your furry buddy a bed with raised sides, which will seem like a little den. You can also repurpose a hard-shell suitcase or hatbox into a doggy bed. Another option is to get an enclosed end table, take the doors off, and put Fido’s bed inside that.

Fido’s Sleeping Positions

Another thing to keep in mind is your furry pal’s sleeping habits. Does your canine buddy like to sprawl out when he sleeps? Give Fido a good basic bed, which is essentially like a giant pillow, so he can stretch out for his naps. Dogs that like to use things as pillows may appreciate beds with raised sides. And if your four-legged friend likes to turn circles and arrange blankets into little nests for himself, he may relly enjoy a bean bag bed.


Before buying Fido’s new bed, look at the label. Try to choose something that is made from safe fibers. You’ll also want to pick a bed with a removable cover, so you can keep your pup’s bedding nice and clean.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? We are always happy to help! Contact us, your local Carmel, IN animal clinic, anytime.

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