Teaching Fido to Come When Called

Does your dog come when you call him? Or does your canine buddy only come to you when he thinks there’s a treat in store for him? If your pooch sometimes ignores you when you call him, read on for some great advice from a local Carmel, IN vet on getting your dog to obey your commands every time.

Don’t Instill Negative Associations

Do you only call your pet when it’s time for a bath, or when he needs to go to the vet? Or do you usually call him to reprimand him? If Fido begins to think that it’s bad news when his name is called, he may stay away deliberately.

Don’t Ramble

If you repeatedly keep saying ‘Come’ over and over, Fido will think you’re just talking, and may start ignoring you.

Start Small

Start by holding a treat out to your pet, and telling him to Come. When Fido comes to you, give him the treat. Praise, ear scritches, and belly rubs will also help. You may want to begin working with your pet indoors. When you think Fido has the gist of it, step things up a notch. Have a helper hold your dog in one room, while you go to another part of the house. Then, call Fido to you and, as always, reward him.

Continued Training

The next stage is to move the training outdoors. Get a long retractable leash. You’ll want to work in a safe place, away from traffic and distractions. Let the leash out to its full length. Then, as before, call Fido to you, and reward him with a treat when he reaches you. As your furry friend starts to learn, you can start withholding treats. You don’t want to stop giving them out entirely, just slowly cut down.

What Not To Do

If Fido ignores your command, runs off, or makes you go get him, you may be a bit frustrated. However, never reprimand or punish your canine buddy for not obeying: next time, he may try even harder to avoid you!


Training is very important, not just for petiquette, but for safety reasons. If you aren’t having any luck, consult your vet or a professional dog behaviorist.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your local Carmel, IN animal clinic, today.

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