Household Hazards for Kittens

Has a kitten recently joined your household? Getting a new kitten is definitely something to celebrate! Your tiny ball of fluff will no doubt have you wrapped around those tiny little paws in no time. Kittens are certainly adorable. Baby cats are also very small and vulnerable, however, so you’ll need to make sure to keep little Fluffy safe. Below, a local Carmel, IN vet outlines some common household dangers for kittens.


Kittens are very curious, and can fit into some pretty small spots. This can be quite dangerous! Fluffy could get into all sorts of trouble by getting under a reclining chair, behind a mattress, or beneath an armoire. Keep an eye on your adventurous little pet, and always check under chairs, couch cushions, and blankets before sitting on them.

High Spots

High places can also be dangerous for your frisky furball. Your tiny feline pal may want to explore the top of a bookshelf, or climb up your drapes or shower curtain. Going up things is easy for little Fluffy, because those tiny claws are curved to help cats ascend. Getting down, however, is a bit trickier. You may need to rescue your adorable pet, so she doesn’t fall and hurt herself.

Hazardous Items

Your mischievous little pet will want to play with, well, pretty much everything. Be sure to remove anything small enough to present a choking hazard, and anything that could cut or entangle your kitty. This includes pen caps, pieces of plastic, hair ties, jewelry, beads, and safety pins. Items made of string or rope, such as thread, floss, or twine, are also dangerous.

Toxic Items

Household cleaning agents, automotive products, paints, perfumes, and medicines are all very toxic to kittens. Keep these things in secure places, well out of little Fluffy’s reach. You’ll also want to be sure to remove any plants that are dangerous to cats. You can find a list of safe and unsafe plants on the ASPCA website.


Large household appliances, such as washers, dryers, and toilets, can be extremely dangerous to a tiny little explorer. Keep these things closed when not in use, and watch little Fluffy closely to make sure she doesn’t hop in when you’re not looking. Better safe than sorry!

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