Making Bath Time Fun for Fido

Does your dog run and hide when he hears the word bath? Does Fido only reluctantly go into the bathroom when it’s time for him to be bathed? Your pet may be happy and enthusiastic about bacon, car rides, and belly rubs, but he probably isn’t quite so thrilled about taking baths. We are here to help! A Carmel, IN vet offers advice on making bath time more fun for Fido in this article.

Form Positive Associations

To help your pooch form a better impression of the bathtub, go on a few ‘dry runs’ by calling him into the bathroom, and having him hop into the tub. Give Fido a new toy or treat, then let him go on about his doggy business. Choose something special, like a hamburger patty, or a piece of steak or cooked, boneless chicken.

Set a Good Example

Always approach bathing your dog with a light-hearted attitude, a cheerful demeanor, and a sense of humor. If you’re nervous or annoyed, it won’t take your canine buddy long to pick up on it.

Stop Slipping

Fido may have difficulty getting a good grip on the surface of your tub. Invest in a good, non-stick mat. It will not only keep your pooch from sliding, it will also help him feel more comfortable.

Go Slowly

When you’re bathing Fido, use slow, gentle movements, instead of rubbing vigorously. This can help soothe and relax your pet. Also, be sure to praise your furry pal while you’re bathing him, and tell him what a good boy he’s being.

Pet Calming Products

Check local pet stores for a dog-calming spray. Before it’s time for Fido’s bath, spritz the bathroom lightly. Think of it as aromatherapy for pups!

Avoid Eye Stings

Be careful not to get soap in your canine pal’s eyes! Use a pitcher or teapot for rinsing your pet’s head. You can also just use a washcloth on that adorable furry face.

Rewards After Baths

After your four-legged friend is done with his bath, give him a yummy snack or a new plaything. Then, weather permitting, go outside and take him for a nice long walk, or indulge him in a fun game of fetch.

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