Things That Make Your Cat Anxious

Do you have a scaredy-cat on your hands? Our feline friends may have a reputation for being aloof, but this isn’t quite fair. Just like people, cats can suffer from stress or anxiety, and can be easily frightened at times. A Carmel, IN vet lists some things that can make Fluffy nervous in this article.

Loud Noises

Have you ever accidentally dropped a pan while your cat was in the room? Chances are, your furry friend fled for the opposite end of the house. Fluffy likes to keep her kingdom quiet and peaceful. After all, it’s hard to nap in a loud room!


It may be a bit of an understatement to say that cats don’t think like we do, but one area where they definitely see things differently is punishment. Fluffy doesn’t understand punishment, so reprimanding her for doing something wrong won’t work, especially after the fact. In fact, negative reinforcement often backfires, and can leave your feline friend feeling anxious, frightened, or angry.

Other Cats

We all know that cats are wonderful: our feline friends are cute, cuddly, fun, and affectionate. Kitties don’t always view each other this way, however. In fact, your sweet, affectionate furball may morph into a furry ball of anger at the very sight of another feline!

Forced Affection

There are some very specific rules to petting kitties. First and foremost: never force attention on your cat, even if she looks absolutely adorable. Let your feline buddy dictate when and how she gets petted, and for how long.

Improper Litterboxes

Make sure you keep Fluffy’s powder room clean. Cats hate dirty bathrooms! You also want to avoid putting your furry friend’s litter box in an area that is drafty, hard to reach, or out in the open. Just like people, cats prefer to have some privacy when they’re doing their business.


Our feline friends are creatures of habit, and feel much more secure with set routines. If you pay attention, you may notice that Fluffy follows a daily schedule for meals, naps, birdwatching, grooming, cuddles, and playtime. Major changes, such as getting a new owner, moving, the arrival or loss or a furry roommate, or even noisy home renovations, can all make your kitty feel stressed and uneasy.

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