Things Your Dog Doesn’t Understand

Does your dog run and hide when he hears the word bath? Does he start wagging his tail if you ask him if he wants to go for a walk? Man’s Best Friend is quite smart! While intelligence does vary from breed to breed, and even from dog to dog, most of our four-legged pals are pretty sharp. Understandably, it can be easy to forget that, while dogs are very clever, they don’t think the way we do. In fact, some things we do really confuse our canine friends! In this article, a Carmel, IN vet lists some things dogs just don’t understand.


Dogs don’t understand punishment, especially after the fact. Fido may not know that you’re angry because he dug up the yard or chewed up your new shoe, and may not even associate your reaction with his behavior. Punishing your pet can really backfire, and may even make him anxious, scared, or angry. If you catch your pooch doing something wrong, you can reprimand him in a firm tone of voice, but otherwise it’s best to keep things positive by rewarding good behavior.


For humans, hugs are a way of showing affection and support. To Fido, however, a hug can be a sign of dominance. Dogs may not mind being hugged by their owners, but hugs from strangers are often misinterpreted.


If you’ve ever had to give a reluctant dog a pill, you know it isn’t always easy. Our furry friends don’t really understand the concept of medicine: all Fido knows is that you’re trying to make him eat something that doesn’t necessarily taste all that great! Ask your vet for advice on giving your canine buddy medications.

Vacuum Cleaners

To you, the vacuum cleaner is a crucial appliance, and one of your best defenses against all that dog fur Fido leaves behind. To your pup, the vacuum is a scary robot that is trying to eat his humans and eradicate his smell.


We know, visiting us isn’t one of Fido’s favorite things to do. All those strange smells and sounds can be quite overwhelming for our canine patients! Proper veterinary care is definitely in your dog’s best interests… even if he doesn’t understand that.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Carmel, IN animal hospital, anytime!

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