5 Ways to Memorialize a Beloved Pet

Our furry friends are much more than pets. They’re confidantes, cheerleaders, hiking buddies and playmates, and are often our best friends and staunchest supporters. Saying goodbye to a furry family member can be absolutely heartbreaking, but it is, unfortunately, something that all pet parents will one day face. Read on as a Carmel, IN vet suggests some great ways to honor the memory of a cherished pet.


One great way to honor your animal companion is by helping other sweet, loving pets that need homes. Consider donating time, money, or supplies to a local rescue or animal shelter. You may find it very comforting to know that you’ve done something good to help our wonderful four-legged friends.


Consider getting a portrait made from a favorite photo of your pet. You may also be able to turn a cute picture into a work of art, simply by visiting online editing sites. Many programs now allow you to turn photographs into pencil sketches or watercolors. These can look absolutely beautiful printed and framed.

Living Tributes

Planting a tree or small garden is another way to honor your furry friend’s memory. Incorporate decorative stones with paw prints and your pet’s name on them. If you don’t have a lot of room, or aren’t exactly a green thumb, you can get a hardy houseplant, and put it in a special vase.


Making a piece of pottery in memory of your special pal is another good memorial option. If you choose a larger piece, you can save a few mementos, such as a leash or toy, inside it. Or course, you can also purchase a piece of pottery, and paint it yourself.


A scrapbook is another option for memorializing a dear furry friend. Include your pet’s photos and paperwork, a leash, and perhaps a toy. You can also write down some of your most beloved memories of your furry pal. For some people, writing a poem or even an obituary for their cherished companions can be very healing. This would also make a beautiful addition to your scrapbook.

If you’ve recently had to say goodbye to a beloved furry friend, please accept our condolences. All of us here at your local Carmel, IN animal clinic are animal lovers. We understand how important pets are, because we all have paw prints on our own hearts.

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