Teaching Your Cat to Play Nice

Does your feline friend enjoy biting and pouncing? Cats can be quite adorable when they’re being frisky and playful, but it definitely isn’t cute when Fluffy treats you like a giant cat toy. Rough play is bad petiquette! Read on as a Carmel, IN vet offers advice on teaching your frisky furball to play nice.


Play with your kitty daily to help her burn off that excess energy. This will leave you with a calmer pet, and may help keep your furball from attacking you. If Fluffy tires herself out chasing a wand toy, she won’t be as tempted to pounce on your toes!

Nipping Bad Petiquette In The Bud

When your cat pounces on you, tell her ‘No’ in a firm tone of voice. Don’t yell at her, as this may just frighten and confuse your playful pet. You can also instruct Fluffy not to bite, or to put her claws away. Just be sure to use the same phrasing each time. Then, walk away and ignore your kitty for a while.


If Fluffy doesn’t seem to be getting the point, try using a taste deterrent on your hands. These can be found in many pet stores. The foul taste will help discourage your cat from biting.


When your furball is being cuddly, shower her with praise and cuddles, and tell her she’s a good kitty. By rewarding good behavior, you’re reinforcing the rules of conduct you’ve set for your feline buddy.


Make sure your kitty has plenty of toys to keep her busy. We also recommend giving Fluffy a kitty tower, and at least one comfy napping spot before a window.


Learn how to tell the difference between a kitty’s playful antics and aggression. If Fluffy is really angry, she may flatten her ears. She may also hiss or growl, and will bite and scratch with full force. If your cat is truly being aggressive, you’ll need to figure out why before you can work on her petiquette. We recommend having Fluffy examined by a vet, to find out if a medical issue may be causing her pain. Once health problems are ruled out, you can move on to behavioral counseling.

Does your cat need shots or an examination? Please contact us, your Carmel, IN animal hospital, for all Fluffy’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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