Budget-Friendly Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Do you have a kitty? Our adorable feline friends have a way of wrapping us around those cute little paws of theirs. In fact, Fluffy is pretty good at getting us to spoil her! You don’t have to break the bank to bring on the purrs, however. Below, a Carmel, IN veterinarian offers some super cheap ways to pamper your cat.

Grow Your Own Catnip

Catnip definitely ranks pretty high on the list of Fluffy’s favorite things. You can save money on your kitty’s entertainment costs by growing your own. Just be careful not to plant too much, or you may find your yard becoming a magnet for strays.


Our feline friends don’t necessarily have expensive taste. A plain cardboard box is the best thing ever, as far as many cats are concerned. Sometimes the simple things really are the best!

DIY Furniture

If you want to go all-out, use several boxes to make a little kitty castle, complete with multiple rooms and floors and perhaps even towers. Her Furry Majesty will bestow purrs and kitty kisses to reward your noble efforts! Kitty tents are also cheap and easy to make.


Kitty beds are fairly inexpensive, and rarely unappreciated. Why not get Fluffy a few different ones, and put them in various rooms? You don’t even have to buy your feline pal’s beds: you can make your own, just by folding up a comforter, or adding blankets or pillows to a box or wicker basket.

Live Entertainment

As you may have noticed, kitties love to relax. Your furry little diva is still a predator at heart, however, and loves to indulge her inner huntress. One surefire way to keep your furball entertained is to put a cat tower or kitty bed before a window with an interesting view. Lounging in a sunbeam while birdwatching is pure bliss to our feline pals!


We recommend playing with your cat every day. Daily play sessions will offer Fluffy beneficial mental stimulation and physical exercise. Plus, your furball will know that you’re taking time to indulge her.


The best way to pamper your kitty is to pay attention to her. To get Fluffy’s little motor going, pet her, let her sleep in your lap, and talk to her.

Please contact us, your Carmel, IN animal clinic, for all your pampered cat’s veterinary care needs.

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