Misbehaving Kitties: Solving Behavioral Issues in Cats

Is your feline friend a bit feisty, and perhaps even naughty? Kitties make wonderful pets, but they aren’t always ‘purrfect’ little angels. In this article, a local Hamilton County, IN, veterinarian offers advice on dealing with some common behavioral issues in cats.

Play Fighting

Fluffy may be an adorable ball of fur, but she’s a hunter at heart. Many of her playful antics are actually based on her innate hunting skills. While pouncing, scratching, and biting may seem like fun to your kitty, they can be quite painful for you! If you’re playing with her and she pounces, stop playing and walk away. Telling her to put her claws away might also help!


Aggression is more serious than play fighting. A cat that attacks people can be quite dangerous! First, you’ll need to determine why Fluffy is being aggressive. There could be many reasons behind her behavior, such as territorial aggression, redirected aggression, jealousy, or medical causes. We recommend having your vet examine your furball to rule out possible health issues. The exact method needed to curb your kitty of her bad habits will depend on what is causing her aggression. Taking time to play with your kitty is often helpful, as this will help Fluffy burn off some of that excess energy, and allow her to take out some of her frustrations on a toy.

Litter Box Issues

If your kitty isn’t using her litter box, have your vet examine her to make sure there isn’t a medical problem. If everything checks out, you may need to revisit your setup. Adding extra litter boxes may help. If you have multiple cats, you’ll want to have one litter box per furball, plus at least one extra. Make sure your boxes are clean, easy for your kitty to get in and out of, and in a quiet area. If your furball is intact, schedule spay or neuter surgery, as this often helps.


Is your furball using your furniture as a manicure station? Scratching is a natural behavior in kitties, so punishing your furball won’t help. Instead, make sure Fluffy has appropriate scratching options, such as a post or tower. Encourage her to use it, and reward her when she does!

Is your kitty acting up? Contact us, your Hamilton County, IN, veterinary clinic, for your pet’s veterinary care needs, including behavioral counseling!

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