Why Your Dog Has Disowned His Food

Your retriever mix Dakota is a high-achieving pooch. For two years, this ravenous canine has won your region’s Canine Chowhound Award, impressing even larger dogs with his insatiable appetite. Recently, though, your hearty-eating housemate has mostly been playing with his food, forcing down just a few bites before trotting out of the kitchen. You’re concerned that he’s not getting proper nutrition, and you’re worried about a developing medical problem. Tomorrow, your Hamilton County veterinarian will examine Dakota and provide expert nutritional counseling.

Undiscovered Dental Condition

Perhaps poor Dakota has been suffering from a hidden dental problem. The culprit might be obvious, such as damaged teeth, facial or mouth sores, or foreign objects. Control your curiosity, and don’t attempt to peer into your dog’s mouth. He won’t cooperate and will likely become rather annoyed. Instead, take your uncomfortable pooch to the vet, who can safely pinpoint and treat his dental malady. Once he’s back to normal, his healthy appetite should return.

Compromised Kibbles

Your lucky dog has always chowed down on the best diet available. However, you’ve recently been balancing a very hectic schedule, making it possible that the current bag’s contents expired without you noticing it. Even worse, your pooch’s kibbles might have become spoiled or rancid. Since your canine housemate won’t compromise his standards, he refuses to consume that unacceptable food.

Excess Treats and Table Handouts

Dakota was born to eat, and he’s not picky about where his meals come from. He regularly begs for treats during his neighborhood walks. On dog park and farmer’s market trips, he fixes his pleading brown eyes on anyone who might look like a pushover. During mealtimes, he patrols the dining room, waiting for fallen food and angling for tasty handouts. Unfortunately, he has been so successful that he has gained several pounds from all those extra calories.

Make the Food More Interesting

Maybe your finicky dog will accept his food if it suddenly becomes more intriguing. Spray warm water over the kibbles, releasing that enticing aroma he can’t resist. If your Hamilton County veterinarian approves, mix in some warmed canned contents. However, make sure you don’t burn your pooch’s delicate mouth.

Once Dakota returns to his bowl, let him dine without distractions. Praise him profusely after he’s finished. If your dog has decided to ignore his food, contact us for expert advice.

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