Cat Sleeping Positions That Resemble Bread Products

If you have a kitty, you’re probably well aware of the fact that cats spend most of their time sleeping. But did you know that some of our feline friends’ favorite positions actually resemble bakery products? In this article from your Carmel veterinary clinic, you’ll read about cat sleeping positions that resemble baked goods!

The Doughnut

This one is very popular among our feline buddies. Kitty is curled up in a little ball. If your cat has a uniform fur color, you may have to look closely to sort out exactly where her head and tail are.

The Loaf of Bread

In order to properly execute this position, Kitty must be lying on her tummy with her paws tucked neatly underneath her and her tail wrapped around her body. The Loaf of Bread is often a precursor to actual sleep, as it doesn’t offer head support.

The Pretzel

There are many variations of The Pretzel, but it’s easy to recognize. If you have to pause for a moment to figure out exactly how your cat has arranged herself, there’s a good chance she’s doing the Pretzel!

The Twisted Roll

In this position, your furball’s front legs are pointing in one direction, and her back legs are going the other way.

The Muffin

The Muffin might be a bit challenging, but kitties manage it all the time! The Muffin requires a box, preferably one that is a few sizes smaller than your furball. Once Fluffy has smooshed herself into said box, she’ll spill over the sides.

The Croissant

In order to do a proper Croissant, Fluffy will be lying on her side, with her spine gently curved.

The Ciabatta

The Ciabatta is quite simple. Your cat will be laying on her side, but, unlike in the Croissant, her spine will be straight. Her torso will look remarkably like Ciabatta bread.

Raw Dough

There are many variations of the Raw Dough position. Generally, they involve kitties draping themselves over things.

The Biscotti

In the Biscotti position, Kitty is lying on her stomach, with her head on her paws and her tailed curled around her body.

The Baguette

To pull off a proper Baguette, Fluffy must be stretched out to roughly three times her normal length.

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