Choosing the Right Cat Carrier

If you have a kitty, sooner or later you’re going to need to transport your little furball somewhere. Whether you’re moving, going to see your Hamilton County veterinarian, or taking a vacation, Fluffy may be less than enamored with the car ride. Travelling with an unrestrained cat can be quite dangerous, as a frightened kitty may try to hide under your feet or jump into your lap while you’re driving. Carriers offer a way to transport Kitty safely and securely, and are a must for all people who are owned by cats.

Here are the basic types of cat carriers:

Cardboard Carriers

Cardboard carriers often resemble fast-food boxes. They are commonly used by shelters as a way for patrons to bring their new furbabies home. This type of carrier is fairly cheap, and will usually work just fine if you’re just taking Fluffy to the vet. If you need a carrier for long-distance or frequent traveling, you’ll need something larger and sturdier.

Soft Shell Carriers

Soft carriers are often made of nylon or polyester. Many have mesh flaps that allow for ventilation. This type of carrier may be appropriate if you are flying and want to keep Fluffy on your lap without removing her from the carrier, or for quick trips. The main downside of these is that the casing won’t protect your furbaby from being bumped. If a box slides across the car seat and into the carrier, for instance, or if you’re bump into a corner while carrying Fluffy, a soft carrier won’t shield her from the blow. Soft shell carriers can also be a bit tricky to clean.

Hard Shell Carriers

This is the most durable type of carrier, and the easiest to keep clean. A hard shell carrier is also great in that it does offer your beloved furball protection from bumps and jostles. If you have more than one kitty and want them to share a carrier, a large, hard case carrier is probably your best bet.

One thing to consider when choosing a carrier is whether or not you will be flying with your furball. Airlines have specific regulations for carriers, so if you are taking Fluffy on a plane, you’ll want to research those requirements before you go shopping.

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