Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog

Are you going to be taking your canine buddy on a long-distance car trip? Fido might absolutely love being out and about in town with you, but a longer drive may be tiring for him. In this article from your Carmel veterinarian, you’ll read some useful tips on traveling with your dog.


Before embarking on a long drive, get Fido used to being in the car by taking him out on frequent short trips. To make it enjoyable for him and create a positive impression in his mind, bring him to places he will enjoy. Search for dog parks and cafes, or, if this is feasible, bring him over to Grandma’s for a special treat.

Travel Kit

Fido definitely needs his own little doggy travel kit. This should include your canine buddy’s food, treats, vaccination papers, a leash, a poop scoop, plastic bags, medications, and a few of his favorite toys. If you’re going to be travelling frequently, it may be easier to get extras of everything so you can keep your furry pal’s suitcase ready to go.

Bottled Water

The quality of tap water can vary greatly from location to location. While the water might be perfectly safe where you’re going, it could still upset Fido’s tummy. Bring several gallons of your own water to avoid any digestive upsets.


We strongly recommend crating your dog for long trips. We know, Fido may love sticking his head out the window, but this can be quite dangerous! Keeping your canine pal in a crate is much safer for both you and him. Crate training should be done far in advance of any actual traveling.


Remember to keep the information on your pet’s microchip current. Additionally, make sure that your canine pal is wearing ID tags with the correct contact information on them.

Meal Planning

You’ll want to make some adjustments to your furry buddy’s meal schedules while traveling. Give your canine pal a light meal a few hours before leaving. If your pooch tends to get carsick, it’s best for him to travel on an empty stomach. You may also want to leave a window open slightly for better airflow.

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