Beware of These Cold-Weather Pet Hazards

Your Siberian husky Toby absolutely thrives on cold weather. Toby’s thick double coat keeps him toasty during his neighborhood walks; and he loves to trot through snowstorms, licking the snowflakes as he happily pads along. Before you leash Toby up this winter, though, be aware that wintertime weather can be hazardous to your dog’s health. Your cat Misty can also face some risks. Ask your veterinarian from Hamilton County about tips for keeping your pets safe this winter. Read more about cold weather hazards below.

Frigid Temperatures

While Toby’s accustomed to being outside during cold weather, especially frigid temperatures can even threaten your super-hardy dog. You don’t want Toby’s ears, paws, and tail tip to suffer damage from frost. Protect your pooch by outfitting Toby in a body-covering coat, a hat, and super-warm booties. Even when Toby’s wearing his stylish gear, keep watching for early frostbite signs. For example, look for firm, waxy-looking skin and blisters.

Deadly Antifreeze Hazard

Super-curious Toby does like to explore the neighborhood, and he’s fascinated by smells and unusual objects. Toby’s curiosity can prove deadly if he encounters some antifreeze that has spilled from a vehicle’s radiator. In fact, since Misty occasionally goes outdoors, she can also be at risk.

If Toby or Misty sips even a small amount of antifreeze, they can easily die. If you see Toby or Misty licking up antifreeze, or they appear drunk or are convulsing, drop everything and get them to your vet or emergency hospital. To minimize your pets’ antifreeze poisoning risks, keep Toby and Misty away from the garage, and quickly mop up any antifreeze spills.

Harmful Road Salt

In a region with icy, snowy winters, city maintenance crews often dump road salt on streets and sidewalks. While salt works effectively on ice and snow, this harsh substance also irritates Toby’s and Misty’s sensitive paws. Protect Toby’s feet by pulling on his warm booties whenever he’s outside. Since Misty probably won’t tolerate the booties, keep her inside to avoid the road salt irritation.

Under-the-Hood Hazard

Misty loves to explore your home’s landscaping, and you’ve even caught her perched on your car’s hood, surveying her domain from a better vantage point. When it’s cold, Misty might be tempted to climb under the vehicle’s hood and curl up on the warm engine. If you start the car while Misty’s asleep, she can easily be injured. Before you turn on the ignition, wake sleepy Misty by knocking on the car’s hood. Yes, you’ll annoy Misty, but she’ll also have time to escape.

Ask your Hamilton County vet about other wintertime precautions that can help Toby and Misty safely enjoy the winter.

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