Cats and Emotion

Cats are amazing animals. These adorable, quirky, loving furballs have been our companions through many ages, and are definitely capable of forming very strong bonds with humans. Just like with human relationships, communication is key to living in harmony. Being able to recognize your cat’s moods and emotions will really help you understand your furry friend, and will also enable you to spot anything unusual early on. Here are a few pointers on Kitty’s emotions, as put forth by your veterinarian Carmel.


Fluffy is at her cutest when she’s happy. Happy cats will have their ears pricked forward. She’ll be relaxed, either sitting or laying down. Her tail may be pointed up, with a bit of a hook at the tip. Your furball will be attentive and alert, and may answer back if you talk to her. If you’re really lucky, she may turn over and offer you her tummy for you to rub.


A nervous kitty will look a bit stiff. She may sit in a hunched position. Her eyes will likely be wide, and her ears and whiskers will be engaged. Fluffy may react to any sudden noises or movements by flinching or running away. If your kitty is nervous, this is a good time to pet her and speak to her in a soft tone of voice to try to help her relax.


If Kitty’s in a bad mood, that cute furry tail could be lashing back and forth. Her eyes could be narrow, and her body may be stiff. She may also point her ears back, or even flatten them. If possible, it’s best to leave an angry cat alone for a while. Otherwise, you may find yourself under attack. Kitties may be small, but they can make those sharp little claws count.


Unimpressed Kitty will often be lying on her legs, or perhaps sitting up, with her whiskers relaxed and her eyes half-closed. She may have a look of slight disdain or superiority on her face. Cats are good at this. Sometimes, unimpressed kitties are so unimpressed that even dangling a wand toy before them is met only with a look of kitty scorn. You might also find your furball suddenly becomes extremely playful or affectionate ten minutes later. Don’t worry. Sometimes understanding kitties simply means accepting that they can be a bit baffling at times.

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