How Obedience Training Transforms Your Dog

Your newly adopted golden retriever Boomer needs a name reboot — he should be called Bulldozer. While Boomer’s a lovable dog who wouldn’t hurt anyone (even a cat), Boomer has never been to obedience school, making him an 80-pound bulldozer who has never received much discipline. You can’t walk Boomer without being pulled madly down the street, and your family and friends don’t want to visit your home anymore. Boomer really needs some structure and training; and you desperately want to get your social life back. You’ve asked your Hamilton County veterinarian to recommend a reputable dog obedience trainer.

Desperately Needed Structure and Discipline

Since you can’t take Boomer to the dog park, or enjoy play dates with your dog-owning friends, you’re pretty much stuck at home with your delinquent canine bruiser. After Boomer finishes his obedience class, you can take him out in polite company. He should sit, stay, come when called, and heel instead of dragging you down the street. Boomer should also learn to execute these behaviors when a distraction shows up, such as another dog or a friend with some tempting food.

Drastically Improved Socialization Skills

Since Boomer hasn’t received much discipline, there’s a good chance he’s not well socialized, either. That means his trainer must help him learn to play well with other canines. After Boomer’s class concludes, he’ll probably become best buddies with some of his classmates, and he’ll learn about acceptable (and unacceptable) behavior. Soon, you’ll be able to visit the dog park, take Boomer on walks without wearing knee pads, and even visit with your friends without worry.

More Satisfying Owner/Dog Bonding Experience

You’ve always treasured that special owner/dog bond, but it’s tough to bond with your dog when he’s regularly giving you road rash. Once you get Boomer under control, you’ll be able to really establish that valued connection with him. While Boomer doesn’t know it, he’ll be happier, too, since he’ll have the boundaries that have been missing from his life. He’ll also find out about the consequences of ignoring your obedience commands.

Filling Up Your Social Calendar

While Boomer’s learning obedience skills, you can meet other dog owners whose pooches are putting them through the wringer, too. While you all commiserate together, you’ll likely pass around some social invitations. As time goes on, you’ll cultivate a social circle of less-frazzled owners and more obedient dogs.

When Boomer next visits his Hamilton County vet, your dog can show off his newly acquired obedience skills. Of course, you’ll need to put Boomer through his paces often so he can keep those obedience skills fresh in his mind.

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