What’s Behind Your Cat’s Excessive Shedding

Your longhaired cat Dolly wants her very own cat fur pillow. In fact, Dolly makes regular pillow stuffing contributions during each daily brushing session. While you groom Dolly’s coat and stimulate her skin, Dolly generously deposits multiple clumps of fur onto the brush. Unfortunately, you just can’t stuff the pillow fast enough; and since Dolly’s an indoor cat, she’ll keep shedding throughout the year. You’d like to make sure Dolly doesn’t have a medical problem that causes excessive shedding, so you’ve booked an appointment with your Carmel veterinarian.

Substandard Nutrition

Dolly’s diet could be the source of her shedding problem. Even though Dolly’s top-notch cat food seems to give her good nutrition, she might still be missing important minerals or vitamins. If Dolly was eating a cheaper food, her nutrient deficiency would be even more pronounced. Dolly’s body knows that some vital nutritional components are missing, and it responds by launching multiple rounds of excessive shedding.

Environmental Causes

Just like changes in your living environment can lead to increased stress, Dolly’s body can become stressed out by upheavals in her feline fiefdom. Perhaps your family recently moved, and Dolly’s food and water dishes are in strange new spots. Maybe you adopted another cat, or even a new dog, and Dolly’s wondering if she’s been demoted in the household pecking order. Regardless of the cause, Dolly’s body responds to that stress by ramping up the shedding. Once your vet helps little Dolly to lower her stress level, her shedding should gradually diminish.

Allergies and Infections

Dolly might have developed an uncomfortable skin allergy, a bacterial infection, or an irritating case of ringworm. Or, Dolly might be unlucky enough to have flea allergies, with one flea bite sending your poor kitty into uncontrolled itching and scratching fits, with raw skin also possible. Dolly’s immune system is under a full-fledged attack, and she badly needs your vet’s help to conquer the enemy.

Still More Causes

Dolly’s overshedding can result from a medication side effect. Or, she can suffer from a hormonal imbalance such as hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid. While you might be surprised to learn that cats experience sunburn, that’s exactly what might have happened to Dolly. If she sunned herself in your yard during the summer, her body is shedding fur in response to her sun overexposure.

First, your Carmel vet will eliminate a medical or stress-related cause for Dolly’s excessive shedding. Next, he’ll make sure she consumes a balanced diet; and he’ll add vital nutrients if necessary. He’ll also recommend that you continue brushing Dolly daily. If Dolly develops skin redness or bumps, or maybe hair loss, alert your vet to this treatable medical condition quickly.

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