What to Expect When Your Dog Needs Surgery

If your Carmel pooch needs to have surgery, you will receive specific before and after care instructions from your vet prior to the appointment. You’ll want to be sure you are crystal clear on any instructions your vet gives. While some of the aftercare factors may vary depending on what type of procedure your pet is having, there are a few things most surgeries will have in common.


Schedule the surgery for a time when you will be able to stay home with your pup for at least the first few days. If you can take a three-day weekend, do so. Fido’s recovery can also be a staycation for you, and a great chance for you to catch up on your reading, watch some movies, or take care of a few projects around the house. Your home should be quiet while your pet is recovering, so don’t book your pup’s surgery on the same weekend you host a birthday party.


Your pet may come home with antibiotics, painkillers, or other medications. Keeping to the recommended schedule is critical in order for these medications to work properly. If you have a smartphone, you can download a reminder or alarm app to keep track. If you have any questions about your pet’s medication – for instance, if you miss a dose and aren’t sure what to do – never guess at the answer. Call your vet and get specific instructions.

Bringing Your Pup Home

Your pup will likely be groggy when you bring him home, and will probably just want to sleep that first night. Make sure Fido’s bed is freshly laundered and ready for him. You can also fold up a thick comforter for your pooch to use as another bed, perhaps at the foot of your recliner. Your pooch may not be hungry the night you bring him home, but his appetite should return fairly quickly. Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your pup stimulated but relatively immobile. Kong toys, for instance, can keep your dog fascinated for hours without much physical activity.


Your canine pal probably won’t be up to his normal walking regimen right away. He may also be on a ‘restricted activity’ routine for some time. Plan on just taking him out on a leash every few hours for a quickie walk. As soon as he does his business, bring him back in. There will be time for running, playing and exploring later.

If your pup is having surgery, please follow your vet’s aftercare instructions very carefully. If you have any questions or notice anything that seems a bit off, contact your Carmel vet immediately.

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