Kitten Care

Are you bringing a new little furball into your Carmel home? If so, we would like to congratulate you. We would also like to warn you that you have some serious cuteness in your future. Kittens are hard to resist. Those little paws, those inquisitive furry little faces, the little whiskers … the cuteness can be almost overwhelming. You will have some more responsibilities beyond providing your new friend with food, litter and toys, and taking adorable pictures. Kittens, like toddlers, can be quite rambunctious, and don’t quite know what’s good for them. Here are a few tips for kitten care.

Kittenproof Your Home

Kittens should be at least eight weeks before being adopted out. An eight-week-old kitten is still a baby, however, and should be treated as such. Make sure you kittenproof your home before bringing your little furball into it. This involves keeping toilets, stoves, washers and dryers shut, and monitoring your little ball of cute very carefully, so she doesn’t accidentally hop into an open dryer or fall into the toilet. Be sure any household cleaners are securely capped, and be careful not to leave objects out that Kitty could choke on. Plastic bags, buttons, and things with string are all dangers to little ones.


The first few weeks Kitty spends with you will set the groundwork for your friendship later on in life. Handle and cuddle your kitten frequently, and let your kitten sleep on you. Later, Fluffy may consider you her servant, but for now, she thinks of you as a parent. Your kitten needs to feel safe, secure, and loved. Make sure your kitten has plenty of comfortable places to sleep in, and don’t feel guilty if you go a bit overboard on toys.


Kittens are still babies, and they need both guidance and comfort. Your little one may not have learned her manners yet, and she may claw you, climb up your leg, or attack your feet. You’ll want to correct bad behavior without hurting or scaring Kitty. Squirt bottles are great for disciplining a kitten that is running up the drapes, play-attacking your feet, or otherwise misbehaving. Never hit or shake a kitten; you’ll only scare her, and you could hurt your little furball.

Kittens and Health

Kittens are very fragile, and can get very sick, very fast. Make sure to carefully follow your vet’s recommendation for feeding and vaccinations. If you notice your kitten seems listless, hot, or if your baby cat suddenly loses interest in her food, contact your vet immediately.

The kitten stage passes all too quickly. Enjoy the cuteness and make sure to take lots of photos of your Carmel kitten!

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