Litter Box Location Tips

Of course you know your cat needs a good litter box, solid cat litter, and would like it cleaned regularly. What you may not have considered is where the litter box is located—many cats can be very picky! Use these suggestions from a Carmel veterinarian.

Low-Traffic Zone

The first rule for deciding on a good place for your cat’s box is to find a low-traffic area. Choose a basement or back room where people aren’t often going through during the day. Cats like to use the litter box in private, so a quiet, secluded area is best. If they get interrupted or startled every time they use the box, they’ll probably find somewhere else to go—like your carpet!

Away from the Food Dish

Who wants to eat near their own bathroom? Cats certainly don’t. Place the litter box far away from your cat’s food and water dishes. If it’s too close, your cat might hesitate to use the box and may even shy away from eating, which causes a whole other set of problems. If you place the food dish in the kitchen area and the box in a basement room, everything should be fine.

Easily Accessible at All Times

Don’t make the mistake of placing your cat’s litter box in a nicely quiet and low-traffic area but forget that it’s not always accessible. If a door commonly or accidentally gets closed often and your cat can’t reach the box, she’ll be forced to use the bathroom elsewhere, which you don’t want. If the box is through a door, consider installing a cat door so your cat always has access.

Away from Other Boxes

Do you live in a house with multiple cats? It’s best to provide one box per pet, at least at first. Some cats will share a litter box, but it often takes a long time for them to get comfortable with this. Most cats will prefer having their own box in a quiet area.

Ask your Carmel veterinarian for more litter box location tips, as well as a recommendation on the size and type of box your cat might prefer.

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