Five Steps for Great Dog Dental Health

Since your dog uses his mouth and teeth for a lot of things—eating, chewing, communicating, tasting, and more—it’s important to keep his dental health in order. Use these five tips from your Carmel vet to keep your pooch’s mouth in great shape.

Veterinary Visits

The first line of defense against dental disorders is regular veterinary check-ups. Any issues can be caught early and treated before they become problematic. Most vets recommend having your dog examined at the clinic at least twice a year.

The Breath Test

Every now and then, lean down and get a whiff of your dog’s breath. While it’s going to smell like, well, dog breath, any especially offensive odor could be a sign of a problem. Periodontal disease, liver disease, and more can cause a rotten or sour smell to emanate from your dog’s mouth, so call your vet if you notice anything amiss.

Regular Brushing

Weekly tooth brushing sessions can do wonders to keep your dog’s pearly whites clean and the whole mouth healthy. Pick up a dog-formulated toothpaste and dog-specific toothbrush from a pet supply shop or vet’s office. Ask your veterinary professional how to get started with brushing, as well as the proper technique to use for your particular pet.

Good Diet

Don’t forget about what your dog is putting in his mouth. A great canine diet is imperative for maintaining good dental health over the course of your pooch’s lifetime. Many foods available today are even designed to slow the formation of plaque and tarter, the substances that can lead to cavities and tooth rot. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a good doggie diet.

Solid Chew Toys

Good chew toys not only provide your dog with hours of fun, they help scrape away tartar build-up on the teeth and massage the teeth and gums. Always pick chew toys that don’t have small breakable pieces.

Ask your Carmel veterinarian for more helpful tips on keeping your pooch’s mouth clean. By maintaining a schedule and working closely with your vet, your dog’s dental health can be in top form for life!

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