Making a Dog with Cancer More Comfortable

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, it can be a heartbreaking process watching him or her struggle. Of course, there is no foolproof way to eliminate all pain and discomfort, but there are several ways of making sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. Read on as a Carmel veterinarian offers a few tips.

Watch for Signs of Pain

You won’t be able to make your dog more comfortable if you’re not paying attention to her when she exhibits signs of pain. Be aware of any whining, irritability, or extra vocalizations that may indicate pain. Once you realize she isn’t comfortable you can take steps to manage her distress.

Keep Nutrition Up

Dogs need a healthy diet now more than ever. You may need to feed your dog a different type of meal plan to provide adequate nutrition—consult your vet about your particular situation. A dog with cancer might need smaller portions or different types of food. Your veterinarian can tell you what your dog might require at this stage in her life.

Provide Warmth and Softness

Your dog may lose body fat due to the cancer. Be sure to provide a warm bed, blankets, and a sweater, especially in cold weather. Your dog might be more sensitive to hard surfaces as well, so make sure the bed or anywhere else she lays is soft and comfortable. Your vet can offer recommendations on these products.

Consider Alternative Therapy

For some dogs, alternative treatment like massage or acupuncture may make a sizeable difference. Ask your veterinary professional of these options might be right for your pet.

It’s never easy watching your beloved pet suffer from cancer. By talking with your Carmel veterinarian and trying the above tips, you can take comfort knowing you’re doing all you can to improve your dog’s quality of life.


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